Why Art? Hidden Treasures, Pt. 1

Knitting by Tami Rodrig

Knitting by Tami Rodrig

One path in answering this question is framed by our need to be rewarded by pleasures outside our daily life filled with work.  The arts (plural, including music and more), provide us with such a pleasure – a pause for reflection and beauty in our otherwise over-stimulating lives.

Why we might need this pause is because creative thought isn’t nurtured in a busy, distracted mind.  Creativity isn’t just a gift to artists.  Creativity is part of who we all are – how we innovate new code, prepare for a bridal shower, encourage our employees, or make supper (again!).

Lexington, one of your hidden treasures is your creativity.  Another treasure is your amazing conservation lands.

This Saturday, May 16th you are invited to partake in both these treasures as the Lexington Council for the Arts teams up with Freedoms Way National Heritage Area for a free event.  Six maps have been created to guide you along sections of the ACROSS Lexington trails where you will find the serenity of nature, vibrancy of local artists, and heritage of your culture and public art.

For example, stop by Whipple Hill at 10am, or 12 noon for “Stories of the Stones” a guided walk of the area by hidden treasure, Fran Ludwig.  Bring your camera to create your own art of views of nearby mountains, an elusive Lady Slipper, or a “selfie” at Lexington’s highest peak.

In the morning, take a wander beyond the Lincoln playing fields to the boardwalk paths off Worthen Rd. and find its incredible array of native flora in addition to works by the Lexington Pottery Guild and LHS Jazz Quintet, among many other things.

Break for lunch at one of the BBQ vendors in Fletcher Park (home of the farmers’ market), and observe Artists En Plein Air on the Bikeway there.  Visit the Council for the Arts from 12 -1 as we celebrate our 2015 MCC grantees.  There will be an opportunity to see what grantee events are happening yet this year, as well as an opportunity for residents to voice their opinion on how 2016 monies will be spent via the community input survey.

Stop by our Community Farm in the afternoon, another hidden treasure, to make some art on the farm (and take some home!), listen to a band, and look for birds and more art around the Arlington Reservoir.

More events are happening in Willard’s Woods in the afternoon.  While the visual arts will be on view from 10 – 3 at each location, performing arts will be clustered to either the morning or afternoon.  From the Brent Rd. entrance of Willard’s Woods, you will find giant puppets, a roving improv troupe, dream catcher display with instructional activity, and creations that are to be experienced rather than described.

At any time during the day you will find treasures in our public art galleries and museums.  Did you know that lexington has 6 small art galleries?  Pick up a map online (see link below), or at Cary Library in the Commons Area, or the Visitors’ Center and prepare to be inspired.

All events (some museums excepted) are free and open to the public.

To extend your time outdoors, make sure you search online for the free ACROSS Lexington app to guide you on the trails.  Paper maps will also be be found at intervals along all of the routes.

For more information:

Late-breaking information (rain delays, exact times for performances):


Itinerary & Detailed Maps:




Revolutionary Revelry events:

Schedule of events:

10am & 12noon – Whipple Hill guided walks

10 to 12 – Lincoln Park, pop up arts & performances

12 to 1 – Arts Council Reception, bike path artists & town BBQ

1 to 3 – Community Farm and surrounds, pop up arts and craft activities

1 to 3 – Willards Woods pop up arts and performances.

Additional performances happening this day which are not part of Hidden Treasures Weekend can be found on the town calendar, or www.facebook.com/LexHiddenTreasures


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