Lex Ctr Art Walk

IMG_8964In 2008, the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society teamed up with the Munroe Center for the Arts to create an art walk in Lexington’s center.  This event evolved into Lexington’s Open Studios that happens annually in the springtime.  This November the art walk will be brought back to life to breathe some vibrancy into town through the collaboration of volunteers from Lexington’s Center Alliance, Arts Council, Open Studios, and Arts & Crafts Society.  

For two weeks, from November 10-28, a number of banks and real estate agencies will be opening up their doors, windows and walls to display the work of local artists. Maps of these gallery spaces will be availablein the Commons Room of Cary Library, and on the ArtCouncil’s website. 

On Friday, November 13 from 5-9pm (in conjunction with the Lexington Retailer’s late-night shopping week November 12-15) many of these merchants will be holding receptions with artists on hand.  

The event is free and open to the public.  Artwork will be for sale directly from the artists.


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