The Giving Tree

Remember that big tree recently cut down on the Visitors’ Center lawn?  
Anyone interested in acquiring wood from the large tree recently cut down from outside the Lexington Visitors’ Center can do so.  The tree was between 100 and 200 years old. The tree came to Lexington from Boston as a small sapling in a bucket. It grew unnoticed on the Merriam Estate surrounded by other magnificent tress such as the American Chestnut. Over the years the tree survived hurricanes, ice storms and bug infestations to outlast the other trees and become the grand tree to stand before our Visitors Center.
Alas, it eventually took a turn for the worse itself, but like the Giving Tree, it can live on.
The tree is beech wood, and was cut on April 11th.
Interested individuals can contact June Baer, Tourism Advisor with the Town of Lexington Visitors Center: 
In your email, please note:
How much would you are interested in
What you plan to do with the wood (generally)
When you can pick it up
If you are willing to share some of your work with this wood with the Visitors’ Center (proceeds will be used to help fund needed upgrades to the building)

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