Letter to the Editor

Sent to the Boston Globe this morning (to do likewise, visit our Facebook page for details)

Dear Mr. McGregory and Ms. Ostriker,

It is my understanding that the arts coverage in the Globe is decreasing.

I am writing to you from suburban Lexington’s Council for the Arts with some concern.  We are a town committee seeking to promote the arts.  We have been working very hard to bring art to residents and to make them aware of all that is happening around them.
The arts bring to us inspiration – both as artists creating, and patrons enjoying.  Likewise it helps bring our youth opportunities in so many areas of growth, the least of which is developing their creativity.  And it is creativity that helps us grow our society in ways beyond the arts as well, such as through the sciences and humanities.
Prior to being part of this group two years ago, I was unaware of this Council and all the arts happening in Lexington and beyond.  While this is in part my own doing, it also speaks to how we promote the arts.  And doing less, is just a depressing trajectory.
At a time when there is so much fear in our world, I would hope that your coverage of the arts builds rather than decreases and that you help reset the balance of our news coverage.
With kind regards,
Cristina Burwell,
Chairperson, Lexington Council for the Arts

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