Summer Updates

IMG_1332Just a quick update because there seems to be so much happening (at a time when things should be on vacation!).

As ever – there are PLENTY of opportunities to get involved, and all you need to do is send an email to to find out more about what is going on, or to get involved!


  • The gallery at the Community Center is soon to go online – this includes a hallway for 2D, and display cases for 3D.  more information can be found on the cary library site via Art@Cary for anyone who wants to display, or see who is exhibiting
  • Folks are beginning to think about the next Center ArtWalk for November – and hoping to get more retailers to display things in windows, and to consider an “affordable art” theme (e.g., perhaps smaller sizes?)
  • ArtsOffroad organizers are already thinking about next year (believe it or not),  with a focus on the bike path and inviting our neighbors from Bedford and Arlington and Cambridge to join in the fun
  • The lark of having a “Wearable Art” gala (and fundraiser) has actually taken hold with some interested folks who are looking at having this event in September of 2017
  • No one has actually bumped heads about what arts might find their way into the 2017 Patriots’ Day Parade- perhaps some early entries for ArtsOffroad & Wearable Art?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring local dancers and musicians in too??
  • And lastly, the Council for the Arts will be spearheading discussions about a Strategic Plan for the Arts & Culture this coming autumn.  please send your thoughts about what you think Lexington’s arts & culture mean – what we should maintain and what we should build.
HOW TO GET INVOLVED (some ideas for summer activities & musings):
  • Create some art for the ArtWalk 2016
  • Gather up some music for the reception night of ArtWalk 2016
  • Google “art bike” and craft a plan for what you would like to do for ArtsOffroad in May 2017
  • Log on to to see what previous ArtsOffroad’s were like, and muse how you might bring your music there in May 2017
  • Create some Wearable Art for the parade in April 2017, and for the gala in September!
  • Talk to your friends about what the arts & culture scene should look like in a few years time, and get back to the arts council with your thoughts

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