ArtWalk 2016


If you like walking through art galleries, but don’t have the time … or if you are looking for some artwork for your home or work, we have what you need!

Well over 30 artists, and over 20 shop windows will be offering  a chance to see what our Town’s artists are working on.  You won’t be disappointed.

There will also be guided tours as part of Gallery Night, and a reception to meet the artists, and see who the town art award goes to this year!


  • COST:  Free
  • EVENT:  8 November – 28 November, in Lexington Center along Mass. Ave.
  • GALLERY NIGHT RECEPTION:  Thurs. 10 Nov. from 6-8
    • Guided tours at 6:30 & 7:30
    • Welcome remarks, and award at 7:15
    • Brookline Bank
  • SCAVENGER HUNT:  Pick up forms at the Visitors’ Center, or Cary Library, or click here.  Instructions on the form, and winners will be chosen 29 November.

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