The Mission of the Lexington Council for the Arts (LCA) is to promote and fund community cultural activities enhancing the quality of life for Lexington citizens. LCA grants awards supporting local arts, humanities, and interpretative projects. Our priority is to support locally based non-profit arts and cultural organizations, and local individual artists, where local support or community involvement has been demonstrated. Lexington is one of the Commonwealth’s 329 Local Cultural Councils partnered with the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), a state agency with annual appropriations from the legislature.

More Information:

The Lexington Council for the Arts is a part of the town government and staffed by volunteers appointed by the Board of Selectmen. More information, including links to meeting minutes can be found on the Town of Lexington’s website:

Town of Lexington ~ Council for the Arts

Non-Profit Designation:

The Lexington Council for the Arts is a non-profit government entity, and all contributions to Local Cultural Councils are tax-deductible under Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Additional information can be found in the following PDF published by the Massachusetts Cultural Council:

LCC Fundraising Statute, Regulations, and Code

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