BreakThrough Artist Award

What : The Lexington Council for the Arts proudly announces the acceptance of nominations for a new award –the Breakthrough Artist of the Year in partnership with Voices on the Green, a Lexington non-profit bringing local area speakers in the arts to our community.

A breakthrough artist is defined as an individual or group that is in need of funding to achieve a new level of performance in their chosen area of talent. The cash award of $500 will be presented to the winner in September 2017.  This is a local initiative, independent of the MCC annual awards grant process.

Lexington Council for the Arts will choose a single artist or group that best demonstrates a need for funding to achieve a “breakthrough” in their ambition to become a recognized artist in the community.

When : The program will be announced on July 12th at the Artepreneurs’ networking event (Aloft Lexington Lounge, 7-9pm);  Nominations via Call-in will be starting July 12, 2017 through August 15, 2017.

How Please fill the online Breakthrough Artist Award Application Form.  In addition, a “fish bowl” will be provided during the Artepreneurs’ networking event for people to enter names if they wish to have a form emailed to them (and they are not on the mailing list).