“Internal Topographies”

A Kaleidoscope of the Subconscious

2 November, 2020

My colors are in constant dialogue with each other as they create and dissolve forms

                                                                                                                             – Silvina Mizrahi

Silvina Mizrahi with her artwork, Internal Topographies, Photo by the author

As you meander through the Minuteman bike path, surrounded by the feisty fall colors, another visual treat awaits as one nears the Visitor Center in Lexington. The “Go Out Doors-Lexington,” a public art exhibit organized by Lexington Council for the Arts showcases four local artists who have interwoven their artworks around the theme of connecting the self with nature.

 Silvina Mizrahi’s Internal Topographies is striking not just for its vibrancy that seems to resonate with nature’s fall colors, but also, because it does not have vivid recognizable forms. The artist has used everyday household items, such as the kitchen scrub, bolts, etc., to accentuate and add depth to the flat two-dimensional surface of the door.

Silvina Mizrahi, Internal Topographies (detail), Photo by the author

In the hands of Mizrahi, this repurposed door is transformed into a mirror of our inner domain. Internal Topographies draws us to the realm of our subconscious where thoughts, memories, and fleeting impressions reside and interpenetrate with one another, creating new forms. Before you begin a quest for identifying these visual entities in her artwork, sifting through categories in your mind (is it a cloud, a figure, or a landscape, etc.,) and look deeper for more recognizable forms, Mizrahi tries to dissolve them in front of your eyes with washes of her colorful hues that melt into one another. So, you “find” a form only to see it disappear.

“My objective is to bring attention to the creative process of the artist, which the spectator is a part of,” explains Mizrahi. “I like when the artwork refuses to fit into any known categories of forms. My colors are in constant dialogue with each other as they create and dissolve forms, so that the interpretation of the painting remains open,” she adds. Internal Topographies could be seen as a layering of memories- one on top of another, fiery, explosive, somber, and meditative, or as a colorful magical landscape, or as figment of a child’s imaginative world of a world beyond, the meanings assigned can be countless. Go find out what it means to you!

The exhibit will be on display till the end of December (weather permitting). Viewers are gently reminded to observe 6-ft physical distancing and to wear face coverings in keeping with town requirements related to the pandemic.

                                                                                                                     -Shalini Kakar

Board Member, Lexington Council for the Arts

To learn more about Silvina Mizrahi: https://www.silvinamizrahi.com/