Go Out Doors – Lexington!

“Go Out Doors” is a public art project whereby local artists are being commissioned to paint recycled doors with artistic designs. The exhibit comprises 4 doors that are installed along the Minuteman Bikeway between the Visitors Center and Hancock Street. Go Out Doors – Lexington seeks to celebrate the outdoors and promote connectedness with nature during these unprecedented times. The public is invited to enjoy the exhibit while observing mask usage and 6-ft physical distancing.

This exciting project is brought to the community by the Lexington Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Town of Lexington and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Internal Topographies: A Kaleidoscope of the Subconscious

Co-Chairs Steve Poltorzycki and Jillian Tung introduce the “Go Out Doors – Lexington” exhibit
Emily Passman on “Heron and Hummingbirds”
Kathleen George on “Gathered Beauty”
Lynne Klemmer on “Playful Kitsune”
Silvina Mizrahi on “Internal Topographies”

Please enjoy this article written by Jillian Tung:

If you have been on the Minuteman Bikeway recently, you may have noticed the colorful painted doors that decorate the area by the Visitors Center. The doors are part of a new public art exhibit, “Go Out Doors – Lexington,” brought to the community by the Lexington Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Town of Lexington and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Go Out Doors seeks … (Read more)

Shalini Kakar explores the art of Silvina Mizrahi:

As you meander through the Minuteman bike path, surrounded by the feisty fall colors, another visual treat awaits as one nears the Visitor Center in Lexington. The “Go Out Doors-Lexington,” a public art exhibit organized by Lexington Council for the Arts showcases four local artists who have interwoven their artworks around the theme of connecting the self with nature… (Read more)

Meet the artists….

Silvina Mizrahi

Title: “Internal Topographies”

Bio: Silvina is a visual artist who is a native of Argentina and lives now in Boston. She received her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Tucuman. She has exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world, most recently in Paris and New York. She has received many awards, including: “one of the 100 most influential people for the Latino Community in Boston in 2017”, Director’s choice at Thomas Menino Center for the Arts, and Nathaniel Bushward at the Copley Society of Boston.

About the piece: “The painting on the door is an invitation to walk towards the inner world, and introspective look into our being. Our daily sensorial experiences playing capriciously in our inner landscape, an inner journey where we can escape from reality and come back from it renewed.”

To learn more about Ms. Mizrahi’s work, please visit her website at https://www.silvinamizrahi.com, or contact her by email at  silvinamizrahi@gmail.com.

Emily Passman

Title: “Heron, Hummingbirds”

Bio: Emily is a painter from Lexington, MA.  In addition to teaching oil and acrylic techniques, she encourages and teaches students to sketch. Her work is in galleries in New England and private collections internationally. After earning both a fine arts degree and a Master’s in Education, she had a successful career as an educator and graphic designer. She teaches privately in her barn-studio, and at various educational venues near Boston.

About the piece: “During Covid I have been much more aware of nature around me. We bought a beautiful bird feeder and during isolation I found it peaceful to watch the birds from a window seat in the house.  My doors show birds flying in freedom, wild, healthy, and unconstrained. I hope they create a feeling of peace for passersby.”

For more information about Ms. Passman, please visit her website at www.emilypassman.com, or contact her at emilypassman5856@gmail.com.

Lynne Klemmer

Title: “Playful Kitsune”

Bio: Lynne was a studio art major in college and has been making art ever since. Starting over 10 years ago the primary theme in her work have been Inuit (aka Eskimo) influences which she merged with contemporary modern characteristics such as abstracted imagery and bright colors. After a trip to Japan her newest paintings have embraced Japanese motifs, mostly kitsune (mystical foxes).

About the piece: “I wanted to create a frisky, color saturated, dynamic work that would be easily taken in by cyclists and yet offered detailed interest to those strolling by. Something that would  appeal to all ages.”

For more information about Ms. Klemmer, please visit her website at ldk-art.com, or contact her at ldklemmer@mac.com.

Kathleen George

Title: “Gathered Beauty” 

Bio: Kathleen lives and paints in Gloucester, MA. She graduated with BFA in 2000 and has exhibited paintings in many galleries and public venues since 2015. When she am not creating art, she works as a nurse in Boston with Healthcare for the Homeless Program with their addiction services. 

About the piece: “This is a sumptuous and bursting arrangement. I hope it is a gift to be enjoyed in this time of uncertainty and unrest.”

For more information about Ms. George, please visit her website at www.kathleengeorgeart.com, or contact her via email at kageorge@kathleengeorgeart.com.

Emily Passman, work in progress
Lynne Klemmer, work in progress
Kathleen George, work in progress